Reliance House Phase 2

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Reliance House Phase 2

The structure for the additional apartments being constructed at roof level on this iconic building is well underway. The structural metsec frame will be swiftly completed in the coming two months.

January 2018 Steel deck materials being craned onto the roof!

1. Steel deck materials being craned onto roof

January 2018 Steel beams are put into position.

2. Steel transfer deck progressing well

February 2018 Steel stair-core and Stairs connecting into position.

3. Steel staircore & stairs being installed

February 2018 A rooftop view of a job well done, completed frame!

4. View of completed steelwork and partially completed Intumescent paint

April 2018 Sixth floor SFS joists being installed.

Sixth floor SFS joists being installed

May 2018 Curtain walling now begun on the tower garden elevation.


May 2018 Plywood being laid to the roof level ready for the single ply flat roofing system.


June 2018 Steel core now complete with intumescent paint applied.


June 2018 View of 7th floor SFS nearing completion.